Jul 1, 2022

23 illegal mining farms found in Abkhazia

During the raids to identify illegal electricity consumption, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia identified and suppressed activity of 23 mining farms, according to the press service.

Two farms with a total of 517 devices were found in the Gal district. 117 devices were seized in the Omychar region.

In Sukhum, during the raids, 25 devices were found in the private sector and 60 miners in one of the hotels. Two farms were turned off in the Sukhumi region.

In total, during the raids in May, law enforcement officers turned off about 870 devices for mining cryptocurrencies.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs emphasized that the department conducts daily checks to identify illegal miners and controls previously disabled objects.

In March, the Abkhaz authorities extended the mining ban until 2022 and approved fines and criminal liability for mining cryptocurrencies.