June 25, 2024

Joshua vs. Ruiz: New Boxer Training Technologies

Joshua vs. Ruiz: New Boxer Training Technologies

Boxing lovers waited for the most interestingheavyweight event - December 7 will be a rematch between Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua. The British boxer is known for actively using new technologies in preparation for the fight. We examined some of them, as well as special devices for boxing based on artificial intelligence.

Cardio simulator for the development of the reaction

Reaction and endurance are extremely important in boxing, and the Cardiowall Pro X combines the work on these characteristics. Joshua's training programbefore the fight includes working on an unusual simulator, which became especially popular in 2019.

The device makes the athlete balancestretch, stretch and squat, which prevents the muscles from relaxing. The simulator can be used with soft dumbbells, balls, arms or boxing gloves. It is scientifically proven that this product provides a cardio workout load that is enough for professional athletes.

Cardiowall trains the functional training of the athlete in 4 modes in several areas:

  • hand speed;
  • balance; 
  • endurance;
  • mental activity;
  • speed reaction;
  • hand and eye coordination.

The simulator consists of 14 light panels,arranged so that they lie on the edge of the athlete’s peripheral vision. Each lever can be individually adjusted to the sensations and reactions using a specially installed wound shock absorber system.

FitMakr Pro real-time data displayTime displays reaction time, score, left / right shift, and even individual percentages on the touch panel. The display allows the boxer to track his performance over time, which is extremely important for monitoring the development of characteristics.

Joshua vs. Ruiz: New Boxer Training Technologies

Vape system for boxers

Footballers have long worn something similar tobras equipped with sensors for collecting data on the athlete's physical activity. Now such a system is adapted to the movements of the boxer's hands, but Joshua still uses a fitness controller that is worn under his chest.

Joshua vs. Ruiz: New Boxer Training Technologies

As a result of the collaboration of a French startupPIQ Sport Intelligence and leading brand in the world of boxing Everlast have developed the world's first wearable device with artificial intelligence to help boxers analyze their equipment in real time. The cost of the system is $ 120.

PIQ ROBOT is equipped with the GAIA AI system, whichindependently recognizes and analyzes the movements of boxers. Motion capture algorithms were developed by studying millions of boxers. Machine learning intelligence is the result of basic and applied research in which AI understands and analyzes microscopic changes in an athlete's movements. 

PIQ ROBOT is attached to the wrist. 

The sensor system provides an operationalinformation about the strength and speed of impact. The kit includes the main sensor for the wrist with a bracelet (on both hands) and a charger. Data is transferred to a smartphone, where an athlete can view the best shots and even compare them with the results of other boxers in the leaderboard, allowing boxers to compete in the community with their friends and challenge them. The leaderboard is updated every day.

Sparring robot

Joshua vs. Ruiz: New Boxer Training Technologies

A more advanced option forautomatic collection and analysis of information about boxing techniques is implemented in the BotBoxer sparring robot, which is based on AI. The world's first robotic pear with artificial intelligence costs $ 25,000. The invention was first presented at CES 2019. A distinctive feature of the training device was the ability to dodge impacts. BotBoxer consists of 5 components running on special software:

  • robotic punching bag;
  • fencing;
  • disks;
  • monitor;
  • a computer.

The total weight of the sparring robot is about200 kg The pear uses infrared sensors and artificial intelligence to learn boxer techniques during sparring and reacts accordingly to each opponent’s maneuver. Training with BotBoxer can be carried out both offline and online. With an Internet connection, the boxer will have access to remote software updates, user accounts and statistics, as well as a world ranking.

Robotic punching bag helpsimprove technique and increase impact power. BotBoxer records almost every movement down to the toe. The robot boxer is designed for use in fitness centers and gyms and even stores information from professional fights.

However, a significant disadvantage of the robot isa huge attachment base that prevents boxers from working correctly with their feet, including stepping up for their “opponent.” or get closer to him. Given this fact, BotBoxer could prove a useful sparring partner for Joshua, who needs to fight Ruiz only at long range.