June 9, 2023

Copy-paste | Blockchain technology will help recognize fake Putin

Blockchain and cryptography are not just about money, and not primarily about money. New technologies able to solve much more ambitious tasks, for example, recognition of dipfakes.

Dipfakes are often compared with informationweapons of the future. The new word, formed as a result of the merging of the concepts of “deep learning” (English: deep learning) and “fake, fake”, hides the technology of creating fake videos, which are very difficult to distinguish from the present. To create a diphake, a special computer algorithm based on artificial intelligence is used, which analyzes a large number of images and simulates this content, replacing the image of one person with the face of another person in the video.

How deep the rabbit hole

Experts around the world are unanimous thatDipfake technology will usher in a new milestone in the history of information wars. Tools for creating compelling and believable videos on which a person speaks, something that he never actually spoke, opens up endless possibilities for propaganda, misinformation and manipulation of public opinion.

The technology itself is not new. But if a few years ago we laughed at the poorly mounted faces of stars in spicy content, today we can hardly recognize fake Barack Obama calling Trump an "asshole" Fortunately, the former US president spoke in the voice of the parodist Jordan Peale. And on the eve of the meeting in the US Congress with the participation of Mark Zuckerberg, someone posted on the network a dipfake with the participation of the head of Facebook, where he talks about how he controls the future of mankind.

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