February 8, 2023

Sportsbet adds new cryptocurrencies, fantasy football and poker

Sportsbet adds new cryptocurrencies, fantasy football and poker

Sportsbet.io was founded in 2016 and very quickly became the world leader in sports betting in bitcoin. He is at It is currently one of the largest multicurrency bookmakers in the world.

Sportsbetio is proud that all players can bet in a variety of currencies including bitcoin. Players can buy Bitcoin at Sportsbet.io using BTCXE using their debit or credit card. Once the bitcoin transaction is completed and the digital currency is in your account, everything is ready for the game!

Recently, Sportsbet.io also added other payment methods for those who are not comfortable using Bitcoin. New digital currencies such as All Sports Coin (SOC), the popular cryptocurrency of the All Football and Ethereum applications, are the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

TRON integration is now complete and players are participating in unique promotions on the occasion of the launch of this cryptocurrency on Sportsbet.io.

Players can bet on more than 420,000 events a year, including bets during the game (live).

Along with such popular sports betting on football and tennis, there is the opportunity to bet on basketball, eSports and fantasy football. The latter is the first in the CIS markets that is offered using Bitcoin. You can create a team and play fantasy football using cryptocurrencies.

But that's not all. According to the numerous requests of players who value skill games, Sportsbet.io also introduced poker. This is also the first and significant innovation for poker fans to play with Bitcoin.

Now everyone can have fun and even make money on their own strategies at Sportsbet.io by playing poker, creating a fantasy team and much more.
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