April 17, 2021

Irish Criminal Assets Bureau Cannot Access $ 59 Million in BTC

Irish authorities cannot access $ 59 million BTC owned by imprisoned merchant drugs - his landlord accidentally threw out a suitcase with codes for access to wallets.

According to a report by the Irish Times, a resident of DublinClifton Collins amassed a fortune in BTC between 2011 and 2012 using funds from the illegal cultivation and sale of marijuana. Collins bought more than 6,000 BTC, which at that time sold for less than $ 5 a coin.

Collins was arrested in 2017 for possession andselling marijuana and sentenced to five years in prison. Prior to his arrest, he hid codes for twelve separate wallets, each containing 500 BTC, inside the aluminum case cover with fishing accessories.

The suitcase was stored in his rented house inFarnacht. The owner of the house sent most of the convict's property, including a case with codes, to a local landfill. Landfill workers told police that they saw the suitcase, however, in the end, the waste was sent to Germany and China.

Although the Irish Criminal Assets Bureau previouslyseized twelve accounts of Collins, $ 59 million bitcoins are still unavailable without codes. Collins says that he has accepted the loss of his funds, and regards this as a punishment for his actions.