February 20, 2024

Coinbase Exchange Licensed to Work in Ireland

Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange received a license for working with electronic money from the Central Bank of Ireland.

Coinbase UK CEO Zishan Feroz(Zeeshan Feroz) announced this on the company's blog. He noted that the license will help the exchange expand its Irish operations, and also allow the company to conduct business in any other EU country without the need to obtain permission from each state.

“Europe represents a huge opportunity for Coinbase,” — Feroz said.

The company received a license exactly one year afterExchange openings in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. In early September, it became known that Coinbase, the largest US cryptocurrency exchange, is likely to soon be forced to transfer all European accounts from the UK to another jurisdiction in connection with the upcoming Brexit.

In addition, in the middle of last month, it was reported that Coinbase plans to launch a platform for IEO.