June 18, 2024

5 ways to get bitcoins for free

Today, many people are thinking about how to get at least some bitcoins. However, this process is associated withcertain difficulties. Of course, they can be exchanged for regular money, but out of sports curiosity: are there any methods to get bitcoins for free? In this article, we will reveal 5 such methods.

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Cranes (Faucets)

The nuances of the work of various Bitcoin faucets vary,but the general principle of work is the same for everyone. A tap user receives free cryptocurrency for performing any simple operation - viewing an advertising message, filling out a questionnaire, etc. The reward in most cases varies from 0.000001 to 0.00001 BTC for each action. Sometimes accrual of earnings occurs in satoshi or bits, but most often payments are made in BTC. On some taps, the user can additionally win a large reward (up to 1 BTC). By insuring themselves against scammers, taps pay bitcoins to users at regular intervals. In most cases, this interval is from 15 minutes to 1 hour. A list of available bitcoin faucets can be found here.

To start working with these services,you must disable all ad blocking in the browser. Some taps immediately transfer the earned bitcoins to your wallet, while others need to collect a certain minimum amount. Working with cranes in any case will bring you a certain income (albeit small). In addition, it is you who can win a large prize. Most likely, earnings from cranes can not be compared with the income that your main job brings, but this is a good option for earning additional income in your free time.

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Of course, times when mining was possibleearn decent money, have already passed. However, it is too early to put an end to this way of obtaining bitcoins. If you want to do mining, we want to warn you: the chances of making money are higher if you work in the pool with other miners. But now it’s not at all necessary to invest in the purchase of expensive equipment and pay huge electricity bills. Almost all mining companies have already switched to cloud mining technology. You can view the list of pools here. Mining bitcoins is a rather difficult task, and today for most it is just a hobby. The complexity of cryptocurrency mining is constantly increasing, and this activity requires more and more computing power. Please note that this is only a minimum of information about mining, and if you want to get more in-depth information about Bitcoin cryptocurrency, then read this article.

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Work for Bitcoins

Of course, this method can be called “free”.very conditional. But the work that Bitcoin pays for is getting bigger. The popularity of cryptocurrencies is constantly growing, and many employers are beginning to consider Bitcoin as a way to pay salaries to their employees. To earn money in bitcoins, you can refer to this subreddit on the Reddit website. Here you can do a little work and get paid for it. For example, private companies often place orders for creating logos, etc., and the work done is paid at BTC. Here you can find many tasks of another type. Services such as WorkForBitcoins often attract the attention of users, but keep in mind that people in this area are often offered to distribute spam or other dishonest ways to earn money. We think that you should not follow suspicious links and do such things. You can get a salary in cryptocurrency at the main place of work. Talk to your employer, because he can pay salaries to employees in bitcoins using the Bitpay service.

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Tips (Tips)

Get a person to tip you,hard enough. But if people are ready to reward you for something, they can tip you using the ChangeTip service. Let's say you write interesting and useful articles, and some of the visitors will really like your material on Twitter. He will want to thank you, and for this he will just need to mention @changetip in response to a tweet, and indicate the desired amount. The service itself will debit the money from its account and credit it to yours. Tips average no more than one dollar.


Cutting coupons

This type of earnings has its advantages andlimitations. By lending bitcoins, you can make a good profit. But it should be borne in mind that, having given money to the fraudster, you can no longer return it. Work in the field of loans is built only on trust. For safe operation, you should choose only reliable and proven P2P platforms.
You can compare reviews of different sites yourselfchoose the safest one for yourself. If the service is suspicious, or has only recently launched, then it’s still worth looking for another service where you can invest your hard-earned bitcoins. We can recommend BitLendingClub, Bitbond and BtcJam as reliable and trusted sites.

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