September 25, 2023

Seattle's First Funeral Home To Be Composted

Seattle's First Funeral Home To Be Composted

Recompose will open the world's first funeral home in Seattle, where instead of cremation or burial, the deceased will be turned into soil in special cells in a month.

Washington approved the project, citing the law,which allows for the accelerated conversion of human remains as a way of environmentally safe disposal in cities without natural cemeteries.

Recompose service is that instead of cremation, the funeral home places the bodies in refillable vessels on a pre-poured flooring from shredded wood, alfalfa grass and hay. In this form, they are placed in hexagonal ventilated capsules, in which the temperature of the corpse is regulated.

The created conditions will contribute to the natural decomposition of body tissues by bacteria in 4-7 weeks. After that, the deceased is returned to relatives in the form of compost.

According to the director of the funeral home KatrinaSpade, with this method of burial, less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, compared with cremation and traditional burial rituals. Composting also does not use embalming substances that can enter the soil and pollute groundwater.

The company plans to begin providing services inIn 2021, he expects relatives to donate the processed remains to the Bell Mountain Forest Fertilizer Project, as using the remains of one person can create from 900 to 1200 kg of fertile soil.

Authorities have approved this method of burial amid growing concerns about the effects of climate change and the desire of many people to reduce their detrimental effects on the environment.

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