December 2, 2023

In the Opera browser for Android, a built-in Bitcoin wallet appeared

In the Opera browser for Android, a built-in Bitcoin wallet appeared

The new version of the Opera browser for the Android operating system has integrated a wallet for storing digitalBitcoin asset (BTC).

Head of cryptocurrency department Opera CharlesHamel said that many people have heard about BTC, so the company decided to add support for this virtual currency. According to him, application users will be able to carry out transactions in Bitcoin using the built-in wallet.

Of the five most popular browsers (GoogleChrome, Safari, Samsung Internet, UC Browser and Opera) only Opera integrated the crypto wallet. In July last year, the company released an Android browser with storage for Ethereum virtual currency (ETH) as part of the Web 3.0 project (the concept of the decentralized Internet of the future).

Hamel said his company hopes to acceleratethe transition of the cryptocurrency market from speculative and investment to functional. By integrating a Bitcoin wallet into a browser, it will be easier to use a digital asset, so people will more often make money transfers in BTC, and not in fiat currencies.

However, Opera’s policy also aims tostimulation of digital asset trading. In February 2019, the company entered into an agreement with the Swedish brokerage company Safello to add a new feature to the software. Browser users from Sweden, Norway and Denmark got the opportunity to buy Ethereum for fiat currency, while the Swedes were given a 2.5% discount on commission, and the Danes and Norwegians were given 5%.