May 21, 2024

Startup ACINQ introduced a new wallet with Lightning Network support

ACINQ, the company behind the Lightning Network-enabled Eclair wallet, has unveiled a new Phoenix wallet.allowing you to make payments in just three minutes.

Non-custodial Phoenix wallet for the operating roomAndroid system allows you to accept funds and make payments in just three minutes. Also, at this time, a full wallet backup is stacked.

After installation, the wallet does not have open channelsLightning, however, can create checks for payments and accept funds. Upon receipt of money, the wallet creates a channel for a certain commission, however, if the user does not agree to pay a commission, then he can refuse to create a channel and accept payment.

To transfer the wallet to another deviceA 12-word passphrase is created. True, at the same time the history of payments is lost, but the funds in the wallet remain intact. The convenience of Phoenix is ​​that the user is relieved of channel management - this happens automatically.

ACINQ announced that it will continue to develop the Eclair wallet for users who want more control over funds, channels and fees.

Recall that last month Lightning Labstogether with ACINQ reported that attackers are exploiting vulnerabilities in the Lightning Network. The companies emphasized that the project is still at an early stage of development and errors are inevitable, so the Lightning Network should not be used in large transactions.