December 2, 2022

US can make Bitcoin its national currency

US can make Bitcoin its national currency

One of the founders of Morgan Creek and an ardent supporter of the cryptosphere Anthony Pompliano believes that the US authorities will make bitcoin their national currency.

This will happen a little later, so you need to be patient, the expert wrote on Twitter.

Pompliano has repeatedly stated before thatBitcoin has tremendous potential. Large financial institutions are already interested in this asset, which are beginning to understand that their capital needs to be stored in cryptocurrency.

Keeping savings, for example, in gold leads to high transaction costs, and investing in BTC is convenient and profitable.

On the eve of Pompliano tweeted:

“Bitcoin was released in 2009. Ten years later, it grew to an asset of $ 200 billion. In a few years, they [the US] are likely to start talking about accepting bitcoin as their national currency. ”

On Saturday, October 6, Bitcoin is trading at$ 8180 Some analysts believe that the coin is now consolidating, so the volatility remains low. As soon as the BTC receives sufficient support, we will see a resumption of growth, but it is unlikely that the rally will be explosive.