April 21, 2024

IBM, Citi, and Ubisoft Partner with Singapore Blockchain Accelerator

Major bank Citi, technology giant IBM and French video game company Ubisoftjoin corporate blockchain accelerator as corporate partnersBlockchain
- It is a continuous and sequential block chain of information (digital linked list). When building a blockchain chain, copies of related blocksBitcoin block
Is an element of the blockchain chain, a set of records of completed transactions in the cryptocurrency network. More details are simultaneously stored on many computers. More specifically, a government-supported Tribe.

Partners of the blockchain accelerator Tribe

Tribe Accelerator announced the news on Wednesday, saying the three companies will help participating startups promote their products and expand their operations worldwide, outside of Singapore.

Accelerator is conducting the second issue of hisa four-month program and includes startups from various industries. For example: supported by Binance Exchange, Torus’s digital identity management company and startup AID, and Tech from SGInnovate with digital technology access rights.

  • Tribe Accelerator was launched in December 2018.and is supported by the government agency Enterprise Singapore, which was created to develop a startup system in the country. The first edition of the accelerator program included corporate partners such as BMW Group Asia, Intel and Nielsen, among others.