February 4, 2023

Harbor crypto project digitized real estate worth $ 100 million

Harbor crypto project has agreed with iCap Equity to digitalize real estate for $ 100 million. Harbor has already issued tokens for it. on the blockchainBlockchain
- It is a continuous and sequential block chain of information (digital linked list). When building a blockchain chain, copies of related blocksBitcoin block
Is an element of the blockchain chain, a set of records of completed transactions in the cryptocurrency network. More details are simultaneously stored on many computers. More details are Ethereum.

Harbor and $ 100 million in real estate

iCap Equity manages four funds,specializing in buying and selling real estate. Together, the company manages assets of $ 100 million. According to the company, the Harbor crypto project transferred these assets to the Ethereum blockchain, issuing tokens for shares.

Companies are confident that tokenization of real estate will allow customers to sell real estate much faster and cheaper.

"iCap provides investors with highly profitableinvestments. But such investments are usually accompanied by a temporary ban on sales for 3-5 years, as they relate to real estate. Now, together with Harbor, we will be able to provide the same high profitability, but the ability to sell assets is much easier. ", Says iCap Equity CEO Chris Christensen.

According to him, in order to withdraw from investing to investorsyou need to find a buyer who would be ready to wait until the end of the temporary ban on the sale. Harbor, on the other hand, automates this process, creating a market where the buyer and seller can make a deal.

  • In total, 1100 iCap Equity customers and 17 brokers-partners of the company will be able to take advantage of this market.