December 10, 2023

Hero Introduces Levitating Hydrogen Fuel Bike

Hero Introduces Levitating Hydrogen Fuel Bike

The Indian company Hero MotoCorp has developed a futuristic electric motorcycle with a hydrogen fuel cell and a host of innovative solutions.

The presented Hero iON model is equipped with a lithium-air battery (the technology is still being improved), which has several times higher energy density than traditional lithium-ion ones.

The wheels are driven by electric motors with magnetic levitation, so there is no internal friction. This system allows you to effectively accelerate and brake. Speed ​​control occurs withusing a special switch on the handles, not a rotary controller.

Another new feature is the systemmagnetorheological damping, which automatically adapts to current road conditions. Instead of springs, the dampers are filled with a liquid whose viscosity changes depending on the voltage of the electromagnetic field acting on it, controlled by detectors. Gyroscopes and accelerometers also help maintain balance.

The helmet is additionally equipped with a display on which you can display dashboard indicators or observe the surrounding environment.

An equally interesting HyperTek motorcycle with an electric transmission was recently presented by Blackstone Tek.