June 7, 2023

Scania introduced an unmanned dump truck without a cab

Scania introduced an unmanned dump truck without a cab

Swedish automaker Scania introduced a prototype unmanned unmanned mining dump truck.

Existing autonomous truck models are stillequipped with a place for the driver, who, if necessary, can take control. However, the Swedes developed the concept of the next generation mining truck, designed exclusively for autonomous movement.

Scania AXL is equipped with an external logistics system that tells him where to go and what to do. It runs on biofuels and uses cameras, radars, laser beams, GPS and LiDAR to navigate the world around. A special luminous strip is installed on the body around the entire car, with the help of which the truck signals that it has detected people or objects that should be avoided. This is done to reassure others that the dump truck sees them and does not plan to pour cargo on them.

So far this is only a concept, but the companydeclares that it uses only technologies available today. Although AXL is not ready for a chaotic street environment, the control system will be able to work in more predictable conditions of mining and construction sites.

In addition to increasing the useful space of the body, the lack of a cab reduces the mass of the car itself, which increases its efficiency and allows you not to worry about the safety of drivers in the event of an accident.

Recall that a 110-ton electric dump truck operates in the Swiss quarry, which never needs to be charged, since it accumulates enough energy during the descent with the load.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo and video: Scania Group