December 11, 2023

Hackers stole $300,000 from visitors to the fake website of the ETHDenver crypto conference

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Hackers stole $300,000 from visitors to the fake ETHDenver crypto conference website

The CEO of Blockfence told reporters that his company discovered a phishing website for the annual Ethereum ecosystem conference, ETHDenver 2023.

Omri Lahav said that hackers deployed a smart contract through which they gained unauthorized access to more than 2,800 MetaMask wallets of random users.


Users of the fake site were offeredconnect your MetaMask wallets using the standard “Connect wallet” pop-up button. The website also offered to carry out a transaction, which, if approved by the user, would launch a malicious software script with theft of funds in the end.

“Hackers went so far as to pay for advertisingGoogle to promote the malicious website's URL, hoping for high search results when the ETHDenver 2023 conference gets underway. The fake website ranked second in Google searches, behind the real ETHDenver site,” explained Omri Lahav.

According to Blockfence, since the smart contract was deployed in mid-2022, hackers have stolen more than $300,000 in ether.

Earlier, the analytical company Chainalysis published
report, reporting that at the end of 2022, crypto firms lost about $3.8 billion during hacker attacks.