December 11, 2023

Hackers cracked the wallet of the NULS blockchain project and stole 2 million coins

The NULS blockchain project has officially announced the hack. Hackers managed to withdraw about 2 million coins from the project’s wallet,more than 500,000 of them have already been sold and are not being tracked.

On their official Twitter account, the developersNULS reported a hack and that some of the coins were lost forever. In the near future, the project team plans to conduct a hard fork, which will freeze the 1,451,645 coins remaining in the hands of the attackers. Thanks to this, the project hopes to prevent the price of cryptocurrency from collapsing.

“The reason for the attack was a vulnerability in the NULS 2 version.2, which is already fixed. We have contacted cryptocurrency exchanges, and they are actively cooperating with us. We are fully prepared for hard fork, so the update will be released as soon as possible. The update will be mandatory, and owners of network nodes should launch it as soon as possible, ”the developers write.

At the moment, the cost of cryptocurrency NULSis $ 0.24 per coin with a total capitalization of $ 19 million. Thus, the attackers managed to steal coins worth about $ 480,000. Hackers managed to sell 548,354 NULS on the secondary market with a total value of $ 131,000.

Recently, hackers attacked the VeChain Foundation and were able to steal about 1.1 billion VET ($ 6.6 million) from its wallet, which was used in the coin redemption program.