September 26, 2022

Copy-paste | Bitcoin kit wallet weighted another 14,000 coins

A major player in the cryptocurrency market replenished its portfolio of 14.074 BTC, which is equivalent to $ 93 million, and now in the whale's wallet, 31,850 coins.

Also recently it became known about a large translation$ 337 million worth of bitcoins. So, in the wake of sales, a market participant completed a transaction with 46,000 coins with a commission of only 40 cents. And it seems that other leading players are also moving their funds, with high activity accounted for just 10% recovery of the BTC rate from lows in the region of $ 6,600 at the beginning of this week.

Player portfolio increased by another 93 million dollars

Bitcoin in the amount of 14,074 coins (totaling about 93million dollars) were transferred from the Coincheck site. The recipient’s wallet already has a decent amount of tokens. After a recent transaction, the number of coins on the balance sheet of the whale amounted to 31.850, which is equivalent to 231 million dollars. $ 231M. Whale Alert (@whale_alert) has traditionally reported a major operation.

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