February 5, 2023

GDC: Most game developers don't believe in metaverses

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GDC: Most game developers don't believe in metaverses

According to the report of the organizers of the annual Game Developer Conference, industry representatives still do not see the prospects of the metaverse and eschew working with the blockchain.

Game Developer Conference (GDC) presentedresults of a survey of more than 2,300 representatives of the gaming industry, according to which the direct creators of video game content do not believe in the prospects of the metaverse and do not attach much importance to the blockchain.

14% of respondents stated that the mostFortnite by Epic Games has potential in the metaverse industry. Another 7% voted for Minecraft and Meta. The Roblox Metaverse received 5% of the vote. However, the majority of respondents - about 45% - believe that the creators of the metaverses will never achieve their stated goals.

“Essentially what the metaverses are promising right now isit's nothing. The people who are trying to sell it don't understand what it is, and neither do the consumers. All this is reminiscent of the situation with cloud gaming ten years ago,” said one of the respondents.

As for the blockchain, about 2% of allof those surveyed said they were already working with the technology, while 75% said they were not interested in it. When asked if their attitude towards blockchain has changed over the past year, about 56% answered that they still disapprove of this technology.

Previously, Huawei specialist Abhinav Purohit said that metaverses require significant technological advances in telecommunications in order to function effectively.