October 19, 2021

Facebook named the reason for the failure

 Facebook named the reason for the failure

Facebook-owned web services have recovered from a massive outage.

Facebook and its platforms WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger all experienced disruptions around the world. On October 4, Facebook reported a DNS error on its home page.

The social network Facebook was unavailable to hundreds of thousands of users around the world due to sudden service disruptions, which was later confirmed by Downdetector.com.

Later, the company explained the reasons for the failure by problems.with backbone routers that coordinate network traffic. Also, company representatives denied information about leaks of user data, about which Western media wrote. Zuckerberg posted a brief apology on his Facebook page. Against this background, the shares of the social network fell by 4.89%, and Mark Zuckerberg lost about $ 6 billion.

 Facebook named the reason for the failure

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