November 30, 2023

EY Japan develops blockchain platform for sake supply chain tracking

EY Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of accounting firm Ernst & Young (EY), is working on creating the SAKE Blockchain platform fortracking sake supply chain, and also to combat fake products.

EY Japan management reported that initiallythe system will be launched in Hong Kong and Singapore, which are open to the implementation of distributed registry technology. In the future, they plan to launch the platform to the entire Asian market.

According to EY consultant Hideaki Kaziura(Hideaki Kajiura), the blockchain will be used to record and track information about the origin of the products used to make sake, as well as about the conditions of production and the further supply chain of the product up to supermarkets and restaurants.

In addition, information aboutthe temperature at which the product was stored during transport and at points of sale so that consumers can verify the optimal storage conditions.

Buyers using a QR code on a bottle labelwill be able to check the ingredients of sake, information about the manufacturer, as well as receive recommendations on its further storage and use. Information will be available in English, Chinese and Korean. All data entered into the system will be useful not only for buyers, but also for manufacturers themselves.

By analyzing this data, manufacturers will be able todevelop strategies to improve the efficiency of sales of their products and optimize targeted marketing. However, the main goal of the SAKE Blockchain platform is to ensure the authenticity of alcohol products and prevent the sale of fakes.

Ernst & This is not the first time Young has used blockchainto track the supply chain of alcoholic beverages. Last May, the company took part in the development of the TATTOO Wine platform to make the wine production and supply process more transparent.