March 31, 2023

Experts in China have proposed using blockchain in the "Social Credit System"

Technology experts from universities, research institutes and enterprises have proposed use blockchain to improve China’s Social Credit System.

According to, 20 technology experts from various fields took part in a seminar on the topic “Blockchain opportunities for improving the“ Social Credit System ” The seminar was jointly organized by the Yunhe Technology Group, the Yunhe Joint Research Institute of the New Social Credit System, the Corporate Blockchain Research Institute for Social Responsibility and the Beijing Huaxia Intelligent Networks Research Institute.

“Social credit system” - assessment systemindividual citizens or organizations for various parameters, the values ​​of which are obtained using mass surveillance tools and using big data analysis technology. System testing began in 2009, and a national pilot project was launched in 2014. Four years after the start of the project, efforts were centralized under the control of the country's Central Bank, the People’s Bank of China.

Now, apparently, Chinese experts wantuse the reliability and immutability of the blockchain to guarantee the constant availability of social credit data, as well as the impossibility of changing them.

"Social Credit System" establishesindicator reflecting the level of integrity of each citizen. The assessment is negatively affected, for example, by listening to music at high volume or eating food in public transport, traffic violations, missed reservations in restaurants or hotels, as well as improper garbage sorting. If a citizen has a low level of social credit, he is deprived of the opportunity to buy tickets for high-speed rail trains or airline tickets.

The Chinese government has long headed forblockchain implementation. In October, President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping called for speeding up the implementation of the blockchain in the country, calling the latest technology the basis for transformations in industry, finance and other industries.

In the same month, the China Information Technology Development Center (CCID) conducted a study according to which there are more than 700 blockchain companies in the country.