June 14, 2024

Expert warned about Shitcoin Wallet Ethereum wallet that steals personal data

Cybersecurity researcher Harry Danley discovered an Ethereum wallet as a Chrome extension thatsteals personal data from active browser tabs.


Shitcoin Wallet downloads malicious code,which searches for browser windows with open web pages of cryptocurrency exchanges or Ethereum network tools. User data found in these tabs, including passwords and private keys, is sent to the remote attacker server.

The code specifically targets the MyEtherWallet, IDEX, Binance, NEO Tracker, and Switcheo pages.

According to the Shitcoin Wallet website, the wallet is also available as a desktop application for Windows.

Its creators promise users insurance coverage, non-custodian storage and regular airdrops.

Recall that attackers are not the first to use Chrome extensions to steal cryptocurrency users - a number of similar incidents were noted last year.