July 24, 2024

Alfa Bank customer data leaked to the network

</span>to the network &#8221; src=&#8221;/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/cd86b9656c1170ae019e1ba10697099d.jpg&#8221; alt=&#8221;Data of Alfa Bank clients leaked to the network &#8221; /></p>

A service has appeared on the darknet that sells fresh confidential data from Alfa-Bank and Alfa Insurance customers.

On the last day of October, an unknown person proposed toselling data of more than six thousand credit card holders of the bank and Alfa Insurance customers. To confirm the available data, the fraudster laid out in open access agreements 24 clients of Alfa Bank and Alfa Insurance.

The complete database contains confidential information about citizens, the subject and amount of insurance. Moreover, all agreements for issuing credit cards were concluded during October.&nbsp;

Alfa-Bank representatives checked the information and confirmed the authenticity of 15 customer contracts that appeared on the shadow resource. Alfa Insurance's customer data has not been confirmed.

According to representatives of the bank, made publicthe information will not allow fraudsters to use the client’s funds. There are no card numbers or CVV codes in the information posted. The Bank reminds that it never requests such information from customers by phone and asks cardholders to be careful.

Recall that, last month, a shadow resource offered to buy not only the personal data of Sberbank customers, but also audio recordings of their telephone conversations with its employees.