March 4, 2024

Sberbank customer data again leaked to the network

Sberbank customer data again leaked to the network

The shadow resource offers to buy not only the personal data of Sberbank clients, but also audio recordings of their telephone numbers.conversations with his staff.

The laid out database contains almost a million linesconfidential information. The price of one line is set at 30 rubles. The proposed audio recordings are especially useful for scammers. Referring to the genuine words of the client in a conversation with the call center, the fraudster can convince even the most suspicious client.

The proposed database has been populated since 2015 in ten territorial branches of Sberbank and contains complete, latest updated data, including balances and account debts. 

According to experts, the information that wasLaid out on the network on October 13, it looks quite fresh and only this month it has replenished with 20 thousand new lines. At the same time, Sberbank categorically denies a new data leak.

It should be noted that earlier the institution is alreadydenied the fact of information leakage by 60 million credit card holders at the beginning of the month. Later, Sberbank confirmed the loss of these customers and received an official request from Roskomnadzor demanding to clarify the situation with violation of confidentiality conditions.