June 18, 2024

Developers test upgrades of Taproot and Schnorr for Bitcoin blockchain

Developers test upgrades of Taproot and Schnorr for Bitcoin blockchain

About 200 developers are testing “Proposals for improving Bitcoin” (BIPs) as part of the implementation of upgradesBlockchain BTC Taproot and Schnorr aimed at increasing the level of scalability and network security.

Test organizers attracted a large numberprogrammers to check the effectiveness of updates in the field. BIPs are always in the public domain, however, few members of the crypto community can give an expert assessment and detect vulnerabilities in the code, so the authors of the initiative invited experienced developers to express their opinion on the upgrades.

Anthony Towns, an employee of Hong Kong custodial service provider Xapo, spoke about the process of implementing updates on the Bitcoin blockchain, which consists of three stages:

  1. definition of the function that needs to be modified;
  2. writing source code to make changes;
  3. application upgrade by all network nodes.

According to Townes, ongoing testing of BIPsis part of the first stage. The development team must decide whether to implement updates, and whether it is realistic to use them in practice. The procedure usually takes a long period of time, but specialists have been studying Schnorr and Taproot for several years and have not yet found serious flaws, in connection with this there is a high probability that upgrades will be launched on the blockchain in 2020.

Test participants will review BIPs infor two months. The discussion about the need to introduce modifications takes place in an open chat, thanks to this, anyone can join the debate of experts.