December 2, 2023

Libra developers pre-launch the main project network

Representatives of the Libra Association announced the details of the development of a project to create a digital currency socialFacebook, stating, among other things, the successful launch of the Libra core network in preliminary mode.

As the project blog says, to datethis network, which is a copy of the future main network, has seven active nodes. Another 14 nodes, eight of which are not controlled by the Libra technical team, are preparing for launch.

As for the test network, since its restart in September, more than 51 thousand transactions have been registered in it.

To date, 34 different projects have been created in the Libra test network, including 10 wallets and 11 block browsers.

The publication also talks about the Libra SummitCore, which was conducted with the participation of members of the technical team of the Libra Association in order to attract more developers to the project. The organization plans to conduct such events on an ongoing basis, which will give the development community the opportunity to regularly discuss the problems and opportunities of the Libra ecosystem.

Recall the first roadmap describingthe main stages of the development of the Libra network, the developers published in early October. As expected, by the time the main network is launched, 100 project partners will have launched their nodes.