October 1, 2022

Copy-paste | Fintech startups will find grateful users in Russia

Russian users of fintech services are not interested in anonymity, privacy and resistance censorship, they need low tariffs and ease of use and interesting functionality.

Russian user likes fintech

Russia is a tidbit for companies working infinancial technology. Today 82% of Russians are actively using fintech innovations, preferring applications and services for transfers or payments, writes RBC with reference to the results of a study conducted by the audit and consulting company Ernst & Young.

EY analysts polled about 27 thousand users and found that among Russians the most popular fintech services for money transfers and payments - they are used by about 90% of respondents. The least popular were services offering investment in securities.

This gradation is due to the low level.development of traditional financial markets and weak investment activity of citizens in general. The Russian financial system has been formed recently and consumers are more comfortable with fintech innovations, provided that they do not require large investments in-depth knowledge of investments and money management.

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