June 18, 2024

Copy-paste | Blockchain in Russia attracted power engineers and financiers

In the first half of the year, there was a trend of growing interest in blockchain technology from not onlyfinancial corporations, but also the energy and manufacturing industries.

As blockchain penetrates variousindustries and spheres of life at the world level, a growing interest in mastering the technology of distributed registry is observed in Russia. Moreover, judging by the fact that only in the first half of 2019 the number of corporate blockchain projects in our country almost doubled, we can assume that the application of technology takes a second wind, and in the future this trend will only gain momentum.

It is noteworthy that recentlyincreased interest in technology from energy companies, as well as corporations from the manufacturing industry, while initially the financial industry was the leader in the pace of development of the blockchain.

Companies have come to taste

In the future, following the example of pioneers inusing technology, other smaller players will join them, which can subsequently lead to the formation of industry consortia, within which corporations can significantly increase the efficiency of implementing digital initiatives, including in the energy, metallurgy and other fields.

The fact that other financiers reachedthe industry, in fact, is not surprising. In the same energy sector, involving distributed registry technology in business processes will help cut production costs, optimize supply chains, reduce the number of intermediaries, etc.

Today, almost 50 Russiancorporations rated blockchain efficiency. For example, Nornickel, which this summer joined the global project Hyperledger, which is engaged in the development of industry-specific technologies for the distributed registry, is now actively developing the technology. As part of this initiative, the Russian giant plans to create the so-called open blockchains based on new tools.

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