June 14, 2024

China launches Communist Party allegiance

China launches Communist Party allegiance

Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping officially announced the country’s intention to develop blockchain technology.One use of the technology that the president did not mention is the launch of an app to gauge loyalty to the Communist Party.

Lian Shang Chuxin app allows membersThe Communist Party declare its allegiance and devotion to the ruling government, stating the reasons for joining the party, which are then stored in an unchanged and transparent blockchain register.

China has developed an ambivalent attitude towardsblockchain – on the one hand, the country strongly supports the immutability of distributed ledger technology, and on the other, actively shuns the decentralized economic system that underlies it. 

Lian Shang Chuxin Application (translated“chain of aspirations”) is built on the principle of the currently well-known Study Xi Strong Country application – instrument dedicated to the teachings of Chinese President Xi.

This application may not represent the mosthigh-tech or advanced use of the blockchain, but it really gives a vivid idea of ​​how the Chinese government is going to use the technology. The idea of ​​the Lian Shang Chuxin application is that the blockchain can be used to store patriotic statements in a virtual capsule that will be opened and viewed on the party’s anniversary or “political birthday” of party members.

Blockchain for China – it's a toolcontrol of citizens by the state. Use cases such as the Lian Shang Chuxin application are minor in their application, but they demonstrate how blockchain will be developed and used in a densely populated country.

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