July 20, 2024

Opera launches bitcoin payments

Opera launches bitcoin payments

On October 21, Opera announced in a press release that the browser's 350 million users can nowsend and receive BTC directly from the app, and use cryptocurrency to purchase goods and services online.

These features were previously released in beta.browser this summer, and the first cryptocurrency available for purchases through the browser was Ether (ETH). Charles Hamel, head of Opera's cryptocurrency department, said:

We believe that the addition of bitcoin payments will make our decision more relevant for those who would like to spend their cryptocurrency, and not just store it.

The company recently released an iOS version of itsOpera Touch’s mobile web browser that supports the Ethereum protocol and Ethereum Web3 applications, as well as the Web 3 browser, which allows users to conduct transactions and interact with Web 3.

Although Opera's market share among other browsersas of September 2019, it is only 3%, its latest development is another step forward to “experimental integration of Web 3” and the further implementation of cryptocurrencies.

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