March 21, 2023

Cheeky robbery in the city | Reverse Strategy Finish

I haven’t written for a whole week. Otchetik.

All week I was thinking about the logic of moving the reverse point ... over the parameters so that there wouldn’t be a fit ... I couldn’t come up with anything, I couldn’t improve by visual means, it just broke.

But only today, empirically, somethingI sensed the standing ones, encoded them, drove both assets with the same parameters, checked for the stability of these parameters, and kind of got a working reverse. The logic of moving the reverse to the bottom of a long correction, with a true breakdown, is not a jump back and forth, but consolidation, and immediately a long trailing based on volatility, if the price goes without corrections.

Earn, of course you will not earn much, verylong-start stops, a small volume of the position, and long-term trades where the margin eats up all the movement, but using it as a direction and entering in kickbacks, possibly with x2 take profit, should work. At least visually estimating while it is visible. Strategy to Strategy.

Cheeky robbery in the city | Reverse Strategy Finish
Cheeky robbery in the city | Reverse Strategy Finish

Cheeky robbery in the city | Reverse Strategy Finish
Cheeky robbery in the city | Reverse Strategy Finish

Therefore, I leave this strategy as the “foundation”, I do not let it into the real world, because it is psychologically difficult to handle with pens, and wrapping in a car is not worth it. And I start to put on her clothes.

Also, the day before yesterday I attended the TerraCrypto conference in Moscow, a few nice acquaintances, swung a bit in mining and realized that the CA under the Alfa-Btc fund was just miners.
They want to hold the cue ball, while multiplying it. I received several requests for money management, but I didn’t take it on my own, the structure is not ready at all. But I am glad that I am walking in the right direction.

It’s not clear just how the presented fund stands at the conference do 200% + per year with small drawdowns ... I’m aiming at 50-100% here ...

Still, being in the hall, from one speaker said thatOn mining, the yield is 130-150% per year in BTC, I got a little bit of it, what for then I do all this, but it seems to me that this does not take into account the deduction of the initial investments (it means 30-50%) and then for the first year of work of the miners, then update them necessary. Is that so?

I took a couple of business cards of data centers, I thinkto put a few miners in order to be at least aware of related discipline) As a bonus, I personally know the head of Bitmain, I think the risks of getting involved without getting into it will decrease with such support.

After the conference, a small group of investors wentfor dinner, and there they exchanged info about how 3-4 days ago, they robbed a peasant at the exit of the Federation Tower after he went to a crypto-exchanger. Day, the center of the capital, with a club on the head, they jump into a range rover and calmly leave the parking lot ... Thresh. It seems like a Chinese, it seems like he annoyed many people, it seems like $ 800k stormed him, they slammed him, but the police said that there was no money. It seems like they already took these guys. Daring ... Stupid ... But in Russia there is clearly not enough or of. exchanger or infrastructure standards for the exchange in the legal entity without large sums.

According to several guys who own ombenniks,the excitement, many who want to buy despite the fact that a quick poll among friends shows that everyone is waiting at least a thousand lower and “I’ll buy everything” ... On the whole, it’s positive, except that the Chinese are from the state. the dips are dumped in their mainland.

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