February 5, 2023

What trading strategy brings 4000% or more? Your opinions. share experience

my opinion is medium and long term. 2-4 years to hold a stock in long.


stock price 2 usd
15 point stock growth

profit = 2 * 15 = $ 30

Refute or agree with the thesis

1. Forex trading is NOT a bet, people lose money like in a casino.

2. Insanity about financial independence does not lead to anything.

3. No one will give a 100% guarantee on the forecast for the currency.

4 80% of traders have gambling 5. on the exchange, success depends on the loss of the other - this is a zero-sum game

6. Market instability!

7. Trader can you be in the negative 5-7 years Do you have any tiredness from trading?