January 28, 2023

Betok. spat a mover.

Opened the Internet and there is such a movement.
I’m out of the market without deals.
then right what came out with 8240
but did not open short.
I looked at the indicator from the beginning to show that the sale of 7600 has begun.
Now also a sale. What can I say? then the previous analysis means that from 7636 the U-turn should be-turned out to be true.
you need to correctly count the waves.
Looked like it should be from 7300-7600 reversal at about 11 111

like that, gentlemen of millionaires, it’s better not to watch the Internet, you feel well, I missed it!
insulting. as much as 11%
and still missing on short from 8240

dollar index deal closed yesterday + as many as fourbucks.-and if so, if he could take a shoulder and it would not be 0.45% but 4.5%, but as always - he fell asleep. I think that the further my “accumulate and destroy” strategy is, the better.
I came up with the idea that it’s best to have a transaction amount of 1000, and only 1000. I’ll have 45,000 but I’ll only 1000.
I played as much as possible on crypt 200, 200 leaked. refilled again like 250 three hundred. and then raised to 2500 and entered the tilt. from 32 hour transaction. but was able to withdraw 1000-900 minus% for the transfer. This tilt also affects me, which is dangerous, not only a big loss but also a big profit.
+ drugs in the form of deals break your brains and balance yourself - you either cut your boards and go to the machine on a call or it’s possible that you just go to zero entering an endless tilt.
Betok. spat a mover.

I think about a short-term Bitcoin transaction, but considering that day-buy, intra-day-sell, I am in doubt about future profit and closing at +
quite by the day the price could rise to 11,650
Traditionally, about healthy lifestyle:
+ yesterday I think what was
got up at 8-30 on the 24th day went to bed at 5.18 in the morning of the 25th day (twenty one hour working day)
I got up 25 at 6.30 - here already at work, running to the machine.
after the machine I went to ____, went to bed at 22.-23 25th (15-hour slave day) summing up I get 36 hours of “vigor” and 2-one and a half hours of reboot
these are our charts. we work more, we get little.
I’m constantly thinking about dismissal, but I need to finish the system to the end. so that all analyzes are directly confirmed by the + th yield.
In my free time from work, I sawed my “boards” from 12 to 3.40 in the morning.

But there is a little secret, I was having supper that day on the 24th.