February 22, 2024

Betok. spat a mover.

Opened the Internet and there is such a movement.
and I'm out of the market with no deals.
then it’s correct that I came out with 8240
but didn't open itshort.
I looked at the indicator and began to show that the sale had begun from 7600.
now also for sale. What can I say? This means that the previous analysis that there should be a reversal from 7636 turned out to be correct.
You need to count the waves correctly.
Looked like it should be from 7300-7600 a reversal to about 11,111

like that, gentlemen of millionaires, it’s better not to watch the Internet, you feel well, I missed it!
offensive. as much as 11%
and also missed on the short from 8240

dollar index deal closed yesterday + as many as fourbucks.-and if so, if he could take a shoulder and it would not be 0.45% but 4.5%, but as always - he fell asleep. I think that the further my “accumulate and destroy” strategy is, the better.
I figured out that it’s best to have a transaction amount of, say, 1000. And only 1000. Even if I have 45,000, I’ll only 1000. - again you’ll say, well, everything is necessary.
The maximum I played on crypto was 200, and I lost 200.I topped it up again with like 250 three hundred. and then I raised it to 2500 and went on tilt. from 32 hour deal. but was able to withdraw 1000-900 minus % for the transfer. This tilt also affects me, which is dangerous not only for a large loss but also for a large profit.
+drugs in the form of deals break your brain and here you balance - either you saw your boards and go to the machine when called, or it is possible that you will simply go to zero by entering an endless tilt.
Betok. spat a mover.

I think about a short-term Bitcoin transaction, but considering that day-buy, intra-day-sell, I am in doubt about future profit and closing at +
Quite by the day the price may rise to 11650
Traditionally About healthy lifestyle:
+ consider what a day I had yesterday
got up at 8:30 on the 24th went to bed at 5:18 in the morning on the 25th (twenty-one hour work day)
Got up on 25 at 6.30 - already off to work, running to the machine.
after the machine I went to ____, went to bed at 22.-23 on the 25th (15-hour work day) summing up I get 36 hours of “vigor” and 2 and a half hours of reboot
These are our graphs. We work more, we get little.
I’m constantly thinking about quitting, but I need to finish the system. so that all analyzes are confirmed by + profitability.
In my free time from office work, I sawed my “boards” from 12 to 3.40 in the morning.

But there is a little secret, I had dinner that day on the 24th.