June 25, 2024

Wave analysis EOS / USD, NZD / USD

Timeframe: 4H

I continue to keep upwards as my main account. True chances forrealization of the forecast from last month is stronglyhave gone down. The market went into too deep correction relative to the wave [i], which is not typical for the [ii] waves. In addition, the downward movement from $ 8.6 has become easy to decompose into momentum.

Therefore, here we must wait until the formation is completedin the form of a double zigzag in the wave [ii], then wait for the breakdown of the green channel up, and only then proceed with small purchases. By the way, it is forbidden for the double zigzag to break through the red lower level, so you can try to put a small bucket on the red fibe with a stop of 1.66. Maybe this option will work.

But in general, I recommend waiting for the invalidation of the potential downward impulse first. And only then make a decision. This is my strategy: o)
Wave analysis EOS / USD, NZD / USD

TF: 1D

Slowly moving in the right direction. In this sense, nothing has changed since last month. While I continue to expect the pair to weaken in the area of ​​red and green fibs. After the breakdown of the green channel up, I change my expectations to the opposite
Wave analysis EOS / USD, NZD / USD