February 20, 2024

Charlie Shrem: “Only 5-10 bitcoins will change your life in 20 years”

Bitcoin enthusiast Charlie Shrem believes that in a few yearseven 5 BTC can change their livesthe owner.

Of course, 5-10 bitcoins is from 45 to 90 thousanddollars at the current exchange rate, and not everyone can afford such money. But, on the other hand, even 1 BTC, in the case of multiple growth, can change the life of the owner.

“The best way to keep Bitcoin is to hide from5 to 10 BTC in a cold wallet, and so that you yourself could not get access to them for 20 years. I really think that in 20 years 5-10 bitcoins will become the money that will change your life for the better. Everything else can be spent as you please, ”said Charlie Shrem on Twitter.

Binance cryptocurrency exchange recently notedthat if you divide the maximum number of bitcoins by the number of people, then a person will get only 0.003 BTC. But a noticeable percentage of bitcoins has already been lost forever.

"The dollars you work so hard forthey have less and less purchasing power, and the government all the time says that "inflation is insufficient." The Federal Reserve is a state monopoly on printing trillions of dollars, and you must believe that this is called “capitalism,” former congressman and cryptocurrency enthusiast Ron Paul turned to Twitter subscribers.

Earlier this year, Charlie Shrem announced that Bitcoin would "survive a nuclear catastrophe," while banks and paper money literally burn out.