July 24, 2024

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee promises to devote more time to communication with the community

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Today the creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, publisheda series of tweets in which he promised to devote more time to communicating with the crypto community, since it seems that the development of digital silver is at a standstill. But it is not so.

The project continues to develop and release releases, but due to the earlier release of updates to the Bitcoin project, the broadcast of commits occurs in the meantime.

Based on practice, despite the fact that the latterLitecoin update was released in May 2019, on GitHub most of the commits were made in 2018. Because of this, it seems as if Litecoin developers took an annual vacation, Lee notes.

In addition, at the moment the team is not working inmain network of the project. Typically, testing codes on the mainnet &#8211; this is not very good practice. It is promised that all 2019 commits will be added over time.

He noted that throughout its existencecryptocurrencies on the development of the project are regular developers. Among them, Charlie Lee singled out Adrian Galager (AKA thrasher), who has been working hard on the development of Litecoin Core all this time, and is currently creating 0.18.1. It is reported that as the update completes, new commits will be added. Such a step will help clarify the situation, although the creator of Litecoin did not promise that the community would not be confused in 2020.

Lee also said that he has to control not only technical development, but also the global adoption of the project.

Throughout the year my attention has been divertedlots of other things. These include the Litecoin Foundation's work towards global acceptance and awareness: Mammoth Film Festival, Glory Kickboxing, Feel the Kpop concert, Flexa SPEDN support, Miami Dolphins and much more!

Now, according to Charlie Lee, it's time to switch from acceptance to development.

The last thing I want to add is &#8211; this is that I will develop communications with the community and report news more often, &#8211; summed up the creator of Litecoin.

Among the team’s main steps in 2019 wasrelease of Litecoin Core update 0.17.1 and change of the project logo. At this point, Litecoin is ready for mass adoption and attracting the global masses. And if previously cryptocurrency only complemented Bitcoin as a means of payment, now it plans to become a worldwide payment system.