December 9, 2022

Charles Hoskinson: "The Cardano project needs an army of followers"

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Charles Hoskinson: "The Cardano project needs an army of followers"

Users criticized the founder of Cardano for an interview on the Bitboy Crypto channel, where previously closed cryptocurrency projects were advertised.

Charles Hoskinson in the seriestweets reacted to the accusations of users who felt that he should not have been interviewed by Ben Armstrong, founder of the BitBoy Crypto channel. According to these users, Armstrong is an accomplice of scammers, as he previously spoke positively about several cryptocurrency projects that subsequently failed. Hoskinson wrote that he only took the opportunity to talk about the mission and values ​​of Cardano - for this he does not need to approve the actions of the hosts or agree with their ideals in order to appear on any programs.

“Now I will never appear on shows thatunfairly criticized Cardano? Or maybe I should not appear in the media because they have repeatedly called on entire states to war? Should we run a purity test for every communication channel?” — outraged Hoskinson on Twitter.

As one of the users complained, he wroteHoskinson three weeks before the show, expressing his opposition to him performing on BitBoy Crypto. However, the founder of Cardano ignored the request. According to Hoskinson, where there is a microphone and an audience, there is an opportunity to win the hearts and minds of people. For Cardano to change the world, it needs an "army of followers" that can't be found only through channels that have an impeccable reputation, Hoskinson explained.

Recently, Charles Hoskinson said that even in the fall of the cryptocurrency market, there are positive aspects and opportunities for development, focusing on improving the stability of the ecosystem.