March 29, 2023

Changpeng Zhao: “We need more PR from people like Peter Schiff”

As the CEO of the largest Binance exchange, Changpeng Zhao, cryptocurrency critic Peter Schiff (Peter Schiff) inadvertently advertises bitcoin.

Zhao emphasized that it is thanks to people like Schiff that the use of digital assets is becoming increasingly popular.

“I think Peter has been instrumental in promotingBitcoin Most likely, he does not even suspect this, given his illogical statements, but people do exactly the opposite of what he says. We need more of these “negative” opinions, ”Zhao wrote on Twitter.

Recall that recently Schiff attracted attentionthe public by managing to lose passwords for his Bitcoin wallet. He later said that, it turns out, he accepted the pin code from the wallet application as a password, and he never knew the real password. In addition, he did not save the seed phrase from his Bitcoin wallet.

“Bitcoin lovers say I have no rightadvise something about this cryptocurrency. Like, I'm not competent enough, since I can’t distinguish between a PIN and a password. Well, now I can distinguish them and my recommendation remains the same. They don’t understand the difference between bitcoin and gold, ”Schiff said.

Last fall, Peter Schiff expressed the view that, compared to the US dollar, not only gold wins, but also Bitcoin.