June 7, 2023

Peter Schiff lost the keys to his Bitcoin wallet

Peter Schiff lost the keys to his Bitcoin wallet

Peter Schiff claims to have lost access to his crypto wallet, noting that the investment in BTC “was bad an idea. ”

Well-known crypto skeptic Peter Schiff tweeted that he had lost access to his BTC due to “damage to his wallet and the validity of his password.”

It’s worth noting that a bitcoin wallet with a smallthe amount of cryptocurrency was donated to Schiff by Eric Vorhes. ShapeShift's crypto platform CEO helped the critic register the wallet in 2018 and recommended writing down a password and passphrase. However, he does not know whether Peter has complied with his recommendations.

Anthony Pompliano recently asked did not forgetdid Schiff have his password, to which the economist replied: "My wallet has forgotten my password." Peter Schiff seems to think that the market value of bitcoin is directly related to the memory of his wallet. What Pompliano had to explain to the economist how the wallet software works.

Pompliano noted that the error messagewhich Schiff receives after unsuccessful attempts to log into his account indicates the use of an incorrect password. "The same thing happens with your email if you are irresponsible and forget your password, Peter."

“Financial sovereignty is not for everyone,” summed Vorhes.