December 10, 2023

Peter Schiff talked about how he lost access to his bitcoins

As told by cryptocurrency critic Peter Schiff, who recently lost access to his walletbitcoin, he took the pin code from the wallet for the password and did not even write down the seed phrase.

“The mystery of losing my bitcoins has cleared up. I mistook my PIN for the wallet password. When Blockchain updated the wallet, I was thrown out of the account. I tried again to enter the wallet using a pin code, because this is the only "password" that I knew and used. And I did not make a copy of my seed phrase. Dear mistake! Yes, I did not manage to return my bitcoins. Since I never knew my password and did not save the seed phrase, this is simply not possible. In general, the problem was not in the wallet, but in the fact that I mixed up the PIN code and password, ”Schiff wrote on the social network Twitter.

Many industry enthusiasts were surprisedthat a smart enough person holding the post of head of Euro Pacific Capital could make such a "childish" mistake. However, for Schiff, it seems, this was only a confirmation of his dislike for cryptocurrencies.

“Many laugh at me because I mixed uppassword and pin code from the wallet. I made a mistake and it cost me my bitcoins. But confusing Bitcoin and money is a much bigger mistake and those who make it will lose much more than me, ”the cryptocurrency critic said.

Recently, Peter Schiff announced that he had lost access to his Bitcoin wallet. Then he stated that owning the first cryptocurrency "was a bad idea."