January 28, 2023

Changpeng Zhao sues The Block for publishing closure of Shanghai office

Binance founder Changpeng Zhao plans to sue The Block for publishing a closing article Shanghai exchange office as a result of a police raid.

Changpeng Zhao denied this information, saying thatthe exchange does not have an office in Shanghai. He demanded an apology from the publication, and also rewrite the news. However, The Block only slightly edited its publication, writing that the office was closed "after the visit of government officials."

Zhao later tweeted that similarThe Block’s behavior is characteristic of fake news sites. Zhao believes that such “irresponsible journalism” not only affected Binance's reputation, but also caused a sharp drop in the bitcoin rate.

“Information about the arrival of the police is false. We do not have an office in Shanghai, ”Changpen Zhao repeated.

Later The Block News Editor FrankChaparro (Frank Chaparro) has released new material with photographs of the alleged Binance office in Shanghai, saying that representatives of several media outlets have visited this office.

“You can talk about the office as much as you like: who rented it, for how long, whether it was empty, etc. But why write about the arrival of the police if it wasn’t? ”Writes Changpeng Zhao.

In turn, Chaparro clarified that the data onpolice officers were received from a Binance officer who previously always provided reliable information. Chaparro added that this is not the first time that the publication has encountered critical comments regarding its publications and will continue to write objectively about all the events taking place in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.