June 16, 2024

Blockchain Invest Platform investment review.

Hello, I want to offer you a review and my feedback on such a projectas Blockchain Invest Platform.And figure out what it isrepresents and also why I decidedinvest in it. Initially, I entered the project with a minimum amount of just over $ 100, in order to see how everything works. But a month passed and the work of the project interested me. Therefore, I propose to look at it closer.
Blockchain Invest Platform (BIP) is a platform that brings together investors and promising projects to make a profit.There is a native token called BIP, which is traded on the LiveCoin exchange.From 10 cents, it has risen to 2.89 today, which is quite significant in 2.5 months.The reliability of the platform is regulated by smart contracts. Blockchain Invest Platform is a project that has created a stable digital currency (stable coin) – SGC.This token is backed by gold mined in Sudan.By investing in SGC tokens, you invest in gold.And later, you can even exchange the token directly for gold.
The project team is presented on the website and anyone can get acquainted with it.And there are also official pages of the project on social networks.
Replenishment and withdrawal of funds is possible only in bitcoin, but the developers promiseIn the near future, add replenishment through cards.
Participation in the BIP platform is carried out by purchasing an investment package from$100, which includes 2 types of tokens:
60% token of the BIP platform itself
40% Sudan Gold Coin, a token backed by real gold
Each package has a bonus program.This is a deposit bonus, as well as a referral program soon.
Summing up the results of the project, I believe that at least you need to familiarize yourself with the project and consider it for your investmentSince the team has far-reaching plans for the future and the platform is interested in obtaining financial results.In addition, this project has just begun to develop, which meansThere is a chance to get much more benefits than when the project receivesI hope my review will help people make their choice.