November 29, 2022

Blockchain implementation group established in Ukrainian parliament

Blockchain implementation group established in Ukrainian parliament
Parliament of Ukraine introduces blockchain technology

50 deputies of the Verkhovna Rada united for development blockchain technology. The first bills will concern the spread of innovation in all state registers and tokenizationToken
- The unit of account used to represent the digital balance sheet of an asset. More detailed assets, as reported by Coinspot.

The group shared their priority plans.

An inter-factional association called "Blockchain4Ukraine" has deliberately introduced a bill on the dissemination of technology in all government departments of the country. All TransactionsTransaction
Is a financial term that meanslogically meaningful operation, which can only be carried out completely. More details and other data will be hashed and stored in a distributed registry. This bill has already been implemented and will be registered soon. Another bill is tokenize assets on the basis of this registry, including state ones, which will provide the necessary indicator of transparency and attract investment. This bill will be finalized and submitted to the Verkhovna Rada within a month.

"I see Ukraine as the most modern on the planetpeer-to-peer e-citizen community. All e-citizens will be able to exchange information and assets on a horizontal level without intermediaries. The role of the state in this new structure is to create all the necessary framework conditions and, of course, provide the "e-citizens" with the necessary infrastructure "- commented on the main plans of the groupKonstantin Yarmolenko, Advisor to the Head of the State Agency for Electronic Governance under the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and Member of the Board of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine

In Ukraine, you can buy cryptocurrency instantly andwithout registering. The Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange KUNA has opened a service for the instant purchase of cryptocurrency assets without the need to enter an account. In addition, the exchanger provided new tools to replenish the balance of the exchange wallet.