September 27, 2023

Bitcoin price unexpectedly touched $ 8000

On the night of January 7, quotes of the first cryptocurrency in less than 4 hours rose from a level of about $ 7,500 to almost $ 8,000.

Cryptotrader Big Cheds noted formation onBitcoin price chart of the “inverted head and shoulders” pattern. In his opinion, for further growth, the cryptocurrency should be kept for several hours above the level of $ 7600.

At the time of writing, the price of bitcoin is $ 7,864 (CoinGecko data).

Bitcoin price unexpectedly touched $ 8000

Twitter analyst CryptoBirb drewattention to the importance of testing with "digital gold" level of $ 7800. Breaking through the upper border of the “falling wedge” pattern may trigger a parabolic trend, he said.

However, for this, Bitcoin will have to overcome key resistance levels by approximately $ 9,000 and $ 10,000.

CoinDesk Markets analyst Omkar Godbow also pointed out the importance of the $ 7870 mark for a bullish reversal.

Earlier, technical analysts noted that the quotes of the first cryptocurrency as a whole are in a downtrend and are still far from a full-fledged reversal.