December 5, 2023

Bitcoin price will reach $ 100,000 or fall to zero

Bitcoin price will reach $ 100,000 or fall to zero

Market analyst and CEO of global financial tracker ADVFN Clem Chambers believes thatthe crypto industry is still looking for its "killer application."

He believes that with Bitcoin it may happen thatanything in his quest to become the leading form of digital money and a means of accumulating value. At that moment, BTC will either leave the same mun or suffer the greatest collapse.

“This is a great market for trading, especially ifit turns out well for you. Take action. But if you want to invest or sell bitcoins, the solution is quite simple. BTC can reach either $ 100,000 or more or $ 0. Choose your strategy and investment line. ”

Chambers noted that he does not sell hisBitcoin assets, because its strategy involves the purchase, storage and purchase of more at lower prices. In his view, if BTC drops below $ 7,500, then there is likely to be “another big drop.”

To a greater extent, the top manager is inclined to believe that a recovery to historical highs is more likely, in the short term BTC may again cross the $ 10,000 mark.

"Bitcoin experienced a decline, but for me this is not the end, but just an unpleasant rollback and a delay of a great day when it exceeds $ 20,000."

In conclusion, Chambers added that the current market will be difficult for most traders who risk not keeping pace with the extremely volatile movements of bitcoin upward.

“The problem is not to leave, but to go back, it’s more difficult. Sometimes a couple of days is enough to miss the main chance. Bitcoin is currently extremely unstable. ”