January 16, 2021

Bitcoin: It seems to me that you are not sick with me ...

M. Tsvetaeva "I like that you are not sick with me"

"I likethat you are not sick with me,
I like that I'm not sick with you
That never a heavy globe
Will not float under our feet.
Thank you with both heart and hand
Because you do not know me yourself! -
Love so: for my night's peace,
For the rarity of meetings at sunset hours,
For our non-walks under the moon
For the sun, not over our heads ... "

I think 41000-42000 do not need to be short.
Maybe on the 20-21st they will give the short-men something (on the Biden-Trump show), but this is not certain.

On the other hand, they can continue clowning.
Then it is worth picking up in the area of ​​25676 and 23845.
21000 and below, as some think, probably won't give it now.
The timing will then be reversed.

All this is PROBABILITY. Consider when drawing up your sales plans.
Have a good trade. and good luck.

Regards, V.

</strong>I remind you.
I make trading plans with support. Expensive.
No. Very expensive.
This year I can take two more slots. Write in a personal.

Regards, V.