January 16, 2021

Bitcoin: I’m interested in it, but where is 7403?

January 23 gave three "magic" numbers on bitcoin:
“For those who love and know how to think, briefly three digits determined by me according to the schedule of 2019:
Mid price height = 6.556.00
Arithmetic mean = 7.403.00
Average trend = 8.405.00 "

I’m wondering until Thursday (until the 12th) they will give 7403 (estimated 7325) or right from here they will go from 7634 to 8799+ until the end of the month.
There are still two ambushes and the probability of descending is much lower by 03/27, but this seems to me too obvious and therefore unlikely.
Until Thursday they will finish painting with oil of the month, I recommend accuracy.

As in the unforgettable "Matrix": "Everything is not what it seems ..."
Quarterly average is $ 650 higher than 4thquarter of 2019, and half-year is likely to be higher by the same amount (somewhere at the level of 8400+). "Cue ball to the floor" does not stand the actual test.

Good trading and good luck!

Regards, V.

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