January 16, 2021

Bitcoin: Fso. Well, that's nice. Good little bit. Is free.

Confirmed the February entry on the lower annual trend of 8656.
It's time to go home, at least for confirmation of the breakdown, at 9200, but I think they will go above 9400-9546.
They can certainly show the current two-year average at 01.03 = 8241, but that would be too technical = I do not believe it!
Who played the short well done, but probably by 6-12.03 everyone will give it back.

From current to 8241, a long position can be formed.
About the cue ball, don't bother toll do not write.

Regards, V.

I remind you!
I draw up trading plans. Expensive.
No, very expensive.
You can contact via PM. Write.