January 16, 2021

Bitcoin: It's funny to watch. Either they will drown some, then others. The seller has finished, now the buyer is amused. Is free.

Today drowned buyers.
Shortists will be drowned tomorrow, going above 9000.
To do this, today at 3:00 Moscow time close 8814+.
Then they will plant the Shrists - the first of March will indicate the continuation of the downward movement, but higher than today's loy and most likely higher than tomorrow's day (estimated 8526).
In short, for the exhausted gobies, if the first (03.03.2020 03:00 Moscow time) are not shown below today's loy, then the amers will cover their financial half-year (March 31) above February February.
If someone is not in longs, there is an opportunity to enter with a short stop.
Well done shorts, but be careful.

Regards, V.

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